New Bike



Well after a useless January, I’m back on a bike and loving it, well rim brakes in the wet are terrifying which is why I left them behind…
A day off tomorrow waiting for modified forks from Ruckus, I can’t wait to see Shawn’s work no paint to get n the way either so it’ll just be raw carbon to look at.
Croix de Fer will be getting stripped and being checked for Velo Orange guard clearance, I’m hoping that my parcel comes early enough to drop frame forks and guards off at Armourtex to be pimped. A new vinyl cutter at work means that I should be able to cut y own decals I hope.
I guess I’ve just done shy of 100km this week so far, really hoping to get out at the weekend, maybe an early start on Saturday to get train tickets to ride with friends in April.
I’m so happy to be a cyclist again, I thought I’d genuinely just slipped into a bike collecting middle aged pub goer…

New Toy

Hurrah, the digital camera I ordered from Jessops on Friday night turned up today, what’s more it appears to work really rather quite well and it seems simple enough to understand as well which is great.
It’s only taken me about two years to decide that a Ricoh Caplio R6 would do me nicely, hopefully I’ll now be in a position to get some pictures of bikes and other things, hopefully some of them will be reasonable quality.

100 Mile Week

Well I went out today as I was just under 100 for the week so decided to make sure that I got the century in, after yesterdays exertions I’d just like to say that active recovery is really code for masochistic self abuse. Still I managed thirteen miles but despite the sunshine and relative warmth it was just grim suffering, I didn’t even make it to Epping still the tonne is up so I’m happy, and even more tired now, certainly to clean bikes although I’ve pressed my King Rastaset into my Chameleon, it’s the shiznit ;0)

Birthday Ride

Well that was fantastic, a whole day of riding glorious singletrack on the Surrey Hills, freestyling back down Leith Hill, racing the light back to the car park at Holmbury.
Bikes on the car and a quick drive to the  Volunteer for beer and birthday cake (thanks Nicky) then to Dorking and the train back to London.
I’m not sure rides or birthdays get much better than that…

Old Peculier

Yum, as mentioned earlier I picked some up at lunch time in Sainsbury’s it’s 5.6% and really rather good I was going to save it till tomorrow and have a dry night but I managed to keep it at just the right temperature so I just had to open a bottle. Theakston’s say the taste is mysterious and it certainly is, I can’t put my finger on it at all other than to say it’s completely magic crisp and quite dry and just perfect really. This might be my favourite beer at the moment, certainly it’s just right for winter, proper full bodied and just plain drinkable.


Looks like we’re due due at least three sunny if not warm days so I’ll be able to get loads of riding in over the course of the next three days. Early morning spin on Hackney Marshes I think, then sit at work tired, 8 hours of monotony then the North Down’s on Saturday with a bunch of friends and Epping Forest by myself on Sunday. I’m really properly excited just hope the sore throat that seems to be lurking goes away.
My day was made even better by the fact that Sainsburyss had a special offer on Theakstons beer and sausages, get in.

Greyness be gone I say…

Three days now of cold unyielding greyness, it really sucks the very marrow of your soul, not a hint of colour anywhere just an impenetrable sky of drabness. I’m sure the misery amplifies the lack of warmth and the damp till your bones grow cold and the life leaches from you.  What concerns me is that it’s not even really winter yet, and there’s going to be another three months of this to go at least.